Should You Buy Shipping Containers in San Diego From A Local Supplier Or Online?

Shipping containers come in different sizes and they serve as a great temporary storage option for domestic as well as commercial use. They are a useful and cost-effective solution than building concrete structures. You may put two 10 foot containers together to create warehouse for different types of goods. Apart from being used as warehouses and makeshift offices, the shipping containers are now becoming popular in the housing sector.

If you are planning to buy used shipping containers in San Diego, you have two options – buy online from a third-party seller like eBay or Craigslist, or rent/buy from a local supplier. Here are some of the pros and cons of each:

Benefits of Buying Online

There are several benefits of buying shipping containers online. You stand a better chance of finding a great deal because the owner is probably eager to sell the item. The price is usually negotiable in these cases. As a buyer, you have a wide range of options as the seller could be located anywhere around the world.

Disadvantages Of Buying Online

When dealing with a third-party seller, there is always a risk factor attached. Just like buying a house online, the pictures may be misleading and not tell you the complete truth about the exact condition of the container.

The buyer will also not be in a position to answer your queries related to the history of the container. He may have no idea about how the container was used in the past if there were any damages, dents, rust or repair work done.

Furthermore, if you purchase a shipping container that is located hundreds of miles away, this can considerably add up in the delivery cost. You will also not have any assistance when it comes to obtaining permits, handling theft, arranging delivery or repair to the container.

Renting/Buying From Local Supplier

If you use a local supplier for shipping containers in San Diego, you will stand a higher chance to find high quality containers. Most of the local supplier have been in the industry for several years so they can offer recommendations for size and features that will best fit your business needs.

The suppliers have a treasure house of knowledge, and they can help you with permitting requirements in your local area. Even if they cannot help directly, they may know someone who can help you with the formalities. They may also offer maintenance assistance and liability waivers as a part of the contract.

The delivery fee will be less when you are dealing with the local suppliers because there will be less distance travelled for delivery. If you are looking to rent a shipping container, a local supplier can be more helpful.

Local suppliers offer a variety of customized features such as double doors, ramp, shelving, high-end locking mechanism, and so on. You can check the ratings of the local shipping containers in San Diego at Better Business Bureau or Yelp.

Disadvantages Of Dealing With A Local Supplier

The shipping containers offered by local suppliers are usually more expensive as they are superior in quality and come with customizable features. The price is generally non-negotiable because of the overhead cost involved in the business. Finally, a local supplier can only give you a limited choice as they have a limited selection of containers as compared to the third-party sites.