10 Funny Things You See When You’re Moving from New York to Los Angeles

moving to Los AngelesMaking a cross country move and settling in a new place altogether is never easy when you have lived in a city for a long period. However, a move cannot be avoided when there are better job opportunities and other perks involved. If you are moving to Los Angeles from New York, prepare yourself mentally to face a drastic change in weather conditions, attitude of people, and the way you commute and so on.

Things don’t end there, because you will face numerous funny differences when making the transition from a New Yorker to a Los Angeles.

  1. The first change that you will probably notice when you are new is the urge to own a personal vehicle and drive. As a New Yorker, you probably thought why bother owning a vehicle and waste money on gas and car insurance when public transportation is so robust. But, now you will want to have a car and drive like everybody else.
  2. Expect to develop road rage in no time. People in Los Angeles have no idea how to drive safely or what the traffic signals are for. They just don’t give a damn about other people driving on the street. So, you will be doing a lot of shouting while driving.
  3. Los Angeles is a sunny place and you know this when you see most people are tanner than you. The sun shines brightly everyday and you will soon develop a rich tan too! That’s a good thing if you like it, but bad if you don’t.
  4. You will realize that suddenly you are living the beach life. Whether it’s a weekday, weeknight or a holiday, you will find yourself heading to one of the most pristine beaches in LA. It’s fun even to just laze around and watch the surfers rip the waves.
  5. You may have heard this before, but now you will witness that people in LA are probably the most fit people you will find in all of America. It is the place where you will learn about all the latest trendy workouts, and somehow feel pressured to follow that current trend.
  6. When it comes to food and dining, you will suddenly find yourself getting very particular about salads and prefer them over anything else. You will seek everything that is grass-fed, organic, and filled with age-defying vitamins.
  7. There’s a name dropping culture around and you will soon get sucked into it too. It’s a big entertainment industry out there, so, if a friend knows someone who is famous, you will hear the story again and again. It’s normal for people to drop big names and say I studied with him in school or college, etc.
  8. Nobody does fashion better than those living in Los Angeles and you will know this soon. During your stay here, you will learn about all sorts of fashion, some that you probably never heard of in New York. If you are fashion crazy, you will be happy about moving to Los Angeles from New York.
  9. You will soon find yourself ditching the suits and formals, and embracing maxis, minis, and shorts. People in the LA look like they are always on vacation and you will only find them wearing a suit on the red carpet.
  10. And finally, after moving to Los Angeles from New York , you will become less of a New Yorker and more of an Angelite. You will learn the art of chilling and relaxing at any time of the day. People in LA are not so fast-paced and nobody gets mad if you are late because the traffic is always the culprit. They walk slowly and smile more often, but these same individuals may turn into hulks in traffic, so watch out!