Mighty Moo Festival


In 1976, the Cowpens Bicentennial Committee decided that the next town festival would be called the Mighty Moo Festival, in honor of former crewmen of the USS Cowpens WWII aircraft carrier.

On July 2, 1977, one crewman, Mr. O.J. Simpson of Charleston (SC), attended that festival.

By 1982, the number of former crewmen attending the festival had risen to over 115.

In recent years, the public attendance has swelled to over several thousand during the three day event.

The festival has street dances, a golf tournament, pageants, baseball games, reunions, and a parade that honors the former crewmen of both the USS Cowpens CVL 25, and the current USS Cowpens CG 63.

The yearly festival is held on the third weekend of June.

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